THomas A. Hall, PhD

Dr. Hall

Thomas Hall is currently Director of Development in the Ibis Biosciences division of Abbott Laboratories. Dr. Hall has been involved in the development of novel approaches to the molecular detection of infectious diseases using mass spectrometry as well as the application of mass spectrometry to human molecular forensics.  He has also developed a number of molecular editing, analysis and bioinformatics software tools, including the popular molecular sequence alignment and analysis package BioEdit. He is an author of more than 35 publications and holds over 35 patents in the areas of molecular microbial detection and mass spectrometry-based nucleic acid analysis. His work has been cited in the literature more than 21,000 times. 

Selected Publications:

Metzgar D, Lovari R, Ray K, Baynes D, Drapp D, Frinder M, Vijesurier R, Stemler M, Ofsaiof R, Carolan H, Welk J, Toleno D, Ranken R, Hall TA, Massire M, Sampath R, Blyn LB, Goveia J, Schneider G (2014) Analytical characterization of an assay designed to detect and identify diverse agents of disseminated viral infection.  J Clin Virol 59(3): 177–183.

Metzgar D, Frinder M, Lovari R, Toleno D, Massire C, Blyn LB, Ranken R, Carolan HE, Hall TA, Moore D, Hansen CJ, Sampath R, Ecker DJ (2013) Broad-spectrum biosensor capable of detecting and identifying diverse bacterial and Candida species in blood.  J Clin Micro 51(8): 2670-2678.

Massire C, Buelow DR, Zhang SX, Lovari R, Matthews HE, Toleno DM, Ranken RR, Hall TA, Metzgar D, Sampath R, Blyn LB, Ecker DJ, Gu Z, Walsh TJ, Hayden RT (2013) PCR followed by electrospray ionization mass spectrometry for broad-range identification of fungal pathogens.  J Clin Micro 51(3): 959-966.

Planz JV, Hall TA (2013) Hidden Variation in Microsatellite Loci: Utility and Implications for Forensic DNA. In Forensic DNA Analysis: Current Practices and Emerging Technologies, CRC Press: pp 199-221.